Package Description

Creeper Rank Perks


  • {Creeper} prefix in chat and in tablist
  • Discord role with access to new channels (#server-chat)
  • Access /pv 1-5: Store items on the go with up to 5 playervaults
  • Access /rename: Rename your items with colors
  • Access /addlore: Add lore to your items for total customization
  • Access /sign: Edit signs without breaking them
  • Able to use hex color codes in chat and nickname
  • Ability to set up to 9 homes
  • Ability to open shulker boxes by shift-clicking while in your hand
  • Access /pets: Summon a pet to follow you around!

Pets Unlocked:  Chicken, Cow, Pig, and Sheep, Goat (New!)